Bowling Alley

The Alley


A few Mary Mitchell Students playing bowling ball outside…

Mr. Dee’s Fedora


Mr. Dee normally wears baseball caps so I was pretty excited when he came in with a fedora. I like when young men try new styles rather than the same thing all the time. I think young women are more daring – as in trying new styles –¬†than the guys.

Just in case there are guys reading this blog and want to try something other than the ordinary baseball cap, he picked his up at Forever 21.

The Mary Mitchell Center


We were about to the have a staff party and one of the teachers brought this bowl out intending to fill it with liquor but I saw a reflection of the Mary Mitchell Center.

Happy 15th Anniversary Mary Mitchell!

This year the Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center in the Bronx celebrates 15 years!

15 years of improving the neighborhood.